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New machines

HSD-A bamboo cane driver

HSD-A bamboo cane driver

The bamboo cane driver HSD-A is suitable for rear attachment to a Pazzaglia or Holmac rootballing machine, Selector or tractor.
HSD-FZ Bamboo cane drill

HSD-FZ bamboo cane drill

The bamboo cane drill HSD-FZ is made to build at the front of a Pazzaglia or Holmac rootballing machine.
Finger weeder

Kress finger weeder

The fingerweeder is the best solutiob for the mechanic control of weed in the smaller crops.

Row sprayer

Trailed row sprayer especially for use in row cultivation.
IDM pruning platform

IDM pruning platforms

These electric pruning platforms are available as a 60 or 70 cm narrow machine, ideal for narrow rows. Only to be used on flat terrain.
Nifty lift platforms

Nifty lift platforms

Aerial work platforms with a maximum working height of 12 metres. Suitable for almost all conditions.