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DAMCON has more than 50 years experience
of presenting a large mechanization
assortment for the tree nursery.


Jan van Dam (1947) settles as agricultural
mechanisation company in a smithy on the
Hamsestraat in Opheusden.

About Damcon

DAMCON has been offering a wide range of mechanization for the tree nursery for more than 50 years. Due to a combination of engineering, manufacturing, repair, service and import, we offer a suitable answer to every question.

Globally active

Krasnodar, Lublin, Lyon; Damcon machines go all over the world. Local tree growers receive the same service at Damcon as tree growers in Australia. Transport, commissioning and on-site service anywhere in the world: we take care of it for you in the right way.


Damcon manufactures machinery for long-lasting and reliable use. We base our designs on reliable technologies and high-quality components. Many Damcon machines are evidence of this, with a lifespan of 15-20 years.


At Damcon we work with about 30 professionals. Professionals who work on our machines with passion. From mechanics to engineers, we work closely to achieve one goal: to deliver the perfect machine that will make our customers happy.


The relationship that Damcon has with its customers is based on trust. Trust that makes our partnership unique. Working intensively in this way with our customers for many years has given rise to wonderful technical solutions. This has enabled Damcon to evolve from a machinery manufacturer to a total solutions supplier.


Damcon supplies a range of machinery for work in the tree nursery sector; machines are available for every cultivation process. For 15 years we have manufactured high clearance tractors, which prepare 3 or 4 rows simultaneously for the cultivation of conifers, shrubs, Christmas trees, fruit trees and soft fruit.


Over 50 years Damcon has been supplying machinery from Opheusden, located at the heart of arboriculture in Europe. The heavy river clay in our region creates challenging conditions that require robust machines manufactured from the finest components. “Machines that survive in Opheusden can be used anywhere in the world!”

Our team

Leendert Scheurwater

Damcon, already more then 50 years a reliable name in green business. Our products are operational in the tree nursery, row crops and for landscaping businesses.

Our assortment is wide and varies between planting machines, maintenance machines and tree lifting machines.

Leendert Scheurwater
Director/Sales export
Heidi Vaandering

Damcon, already more then 50 years a reliable name in green business. Our products are operational in the tree nursery, row crops and for landscaping businesses.

Our assortment is wide and varies between planting machines, maintenance machines and tree lifting machines.

Heidi Vaandering
Sales export
Anne Koster

Damcon, already more then 50 years a reliable name in green business. Our products are operational in the tree nursery, row crops and for landscaping businesses.

Our assortment is wide and varies between planting machines, maintenance machines and tree lifting machines.

Anne Koster
Sales Damcon machines

Damcon, already more then 50 years a reliable name in green business. Our products are operational in the tree nursery, row crops and for landscaping businesses.

Our assortment is wide and varies between planting machines, maintenance machines and tree lifting machines.

Jan van Dam
Sales commercial machines

Our technologies

DAMCON has the disposal of wide knowledge of and experience with available techniques in the agricultural mechanization. Together with a network of ancillary suppliers at home and abroad we are the mechanization partner for the tree nursery.

Customer experiences

Brian Dunne of Dunnes Nurseries from Ireland about his KLR-300M ST tree spade

“The tree spade is still working like a dream! I’m very happy with it. It’s the best little machine that ever came into the place. Well done to all the workforce at Damcon! You should all be very proud of your machines!”

Daniel Johansson of Tönnersjö Plantskola AB about his Damcon HK-800 hydraulic rootball clamp

“The hydraulic rootball clamp HK-800 from Damcon is almost a “one size fits all hook”. One man can easily load both 12/14 and 30/35 with the same hook. All that is needed is a quick adjustment of the “clamping arms”. Makes lifting heavier and longer trees more controlled and therefore safer. It is a great addition to my equipment. As always by Damcon, very well put together!”

Douwe Kappers of Boomkroon Nursery about his Damcon hoeing machine

“I really like the combination of finger weeders at the front and the hoeing machine at the back and I have a lot of convenience with it. The hoes are adjusted to about 2 cm deep, which is just right for the soil structure. The big advantage of this is that the top layer lies on the hard bottom layer like a blanket. This interrupts capillary rise and keeps the bottom layer moist longer. An old saying is “hoeing is watering.” In the beginning it requires some attention to adjust the machine properly, but now I am very happy with it. Hoeing is a serious alternative to chemistry!”

Erwin Schaap of Tree Nurseries G.J. Roelofsen and Zn V.O.F. about their Carraro SX 7800S articulated tractor

“Very good machine that is very nice to work with. Very manoeuvrable due to the articulated steering. We bought this tractor with a cabin for crop protection, but we do much more daily work with it. Equipped with air conditioning, so even in hot weather it is good to stay on this machine. Even in dry weather, the advantages of this tractor are that you no longer have to collect dust, but can sit inside the cab, protected from the wind. The tractor has a lot of power, so we can easily carry out our work with it. Equipped with a quick-release-set to change the machines. In short, a very nice tractor!”

Gert Braspenning
Gert Braspenning from Belgium about his KLR-300 ST tree spade

“It is a very good machine with a high capacity. If we load the plants directly onto the truck, we make 160 rootballs per hour. If we leave the plants with rootballs in the field, then 180 per hour. The machine is also easy to operate, 2 functions are incorporated in the joysticks and with the foot I operate the undercutting blade.”

David Watson
David Watson from the south of France about his undercutting plough CDO-60

“The CD0-60 has changed so much for us! The work load is greatly reduced and the way we organise things is so much easier. I figure it will now take only 2-3 days to free the trees of the whole nursery next year. They can wait until needed in the rows. The spare time we have gained!! Wow!!”

Dwayne Beck
Dwayne Beck from Alberta about his treeplanter with cane driver

“This is a wonderful machine, I wish I would have bought it years ago. I haven’t any regrets in buying it. If you have anyone in Canada that is considering buy one give them my contact information and I will give you a great review.”

Cees Tijssen: Very content with the new SF hoeing machine

“Ooh, we are very content with it, especially if the top layer is already loose. We have an area annular grafts where we have stopped spraying since we have the hoeing machine with finger weeders. We adjust the finger weeders really tight against the bamboo canes and that goes perfectly. We are now working to see if we can break up the top layer with subsoilers. It goes great on the loose soil.”

Willem Akkermans
Willem Akkermans from Tree nursery Akkermans in Maashees about their Damcon self-propelled tree spades

“We have 2 of these Damcon KLR-500 self-propelled tree spades, that says enough! A little acceleration is enough. Even if there is a bamboo cane by the tree, the root ball does not break when digging. This shape is better for the root system than the round rootballs. The maintenance costs are minimal.”

Gerwin Anthonissen
Gerwin Anthonissen about the new Damcon KLR-300M AH on his Multitrike

“I should have done this 10 years earlier! Digging Nordmann with the scoop is not possible because of its taproot, but with the machine 1000-1200 pieces per day is no problem. In the future I will also undercut the Christmas trees with the Damcon portal tractor.”

Mark van Genugten
Mark van Genugten about the Damcon KLR-700 ST

“Mark van Genugten was looking for a flexible machine on his shovel, with which he could quickly prepare small orders. The DAMCON KLR-700 ST can be quickly connected and disconnected and needs little maintenance. Due to the eccentrically placed swivel point, the shovel needs little space in the row. Because of the good quality, finish and service, Van Genugten bought this machine from Damcon.”

Werner van Riel
Werner van Riel: Enormous time saving by deploying Multitrike with LVS system.

“The most important reason for choosing the Damcon Multitrike is that in the long term the Multitrike can be extended with new tools, such as undercutting, without having to adjust the machine. Furthermore, the time savings we now achieve are enormous. We are labouring ± 25 ha which we did first by hand and with two-wheeled tractors. Now we do 4 rows at once and we sit comfortable too!”

Henk Jonker
Henk Jonker of Tree nursery Roelofse-Jager: new electric pruning platform is a perfect choice.

“We have purchased an electric platform because it is quiet but also because of savings on maintenance and running costs. We like it very much. No annoying noise or vibrations anymore. And the 4WD is also very handy. We have been purchasing machinery at Damcon for 25 years because we greatly appreciate the service and quality.” Now after a few months of use: “We get more exited. Last we worked 2 weeks together without temporary charging.” Henk Jonker from tree nursery Roelofse Jager.”

Robin Wijma
Robin Wijma (Harry Menkehorst kwekerijen) about the QRB quick release

“We have at 2 Pazzaglia’s and 9 different sizes of blades the QRB quick release, which pleases us. It saves per change up to 5 minutes, even physical the changing is much less heavy work than first. Because we have a wide range to be digged, it happens that we have to change blades 7 times a day.”

Bart van Gerwen
Bart van Gerwen about his new Damcon HSP-300

“The operation of the machine is simple and that really appealed to me. The finish of the machine and the Damcon service are also well known. The personal contact with Damcon, I have experienced as very pleasant.”

Tom de Vlamynck
Tom de Vlamynck about his in 2016 purchased tree transplanter KLR-1500 2M

“I am very satisfied with the machine, it has a great user friendliness. Customers are amazed by the speed of work. Within minutes I put a large tree above the ground”

Ben de Vree
Contractor Ben de Vree about his machine

“We have two of these Damcon KLR-2M tree transplanters. The main advantage of these machines is that you can stab less deep, while the rootball is hardly smaller. We do this when there are cables in the ground. With the 4 spades machines this is not possible because at stabbing less deep, the rootball is too small. The operation of the machines is simple and works well. Also for road transport, it is a useful machine because tall trees can even be transported horizontally. I once transplanted 80 trees a day! With both machines we work a total of 700 hours per year.”

Wendel van de_Wardt
Wendel of Wardt about his new Selector 450

“Nice that the speed is 20 km/h. I can now easily move from one field to another without using a trailer. Further, the good service was the reason to choose again for a Damcon.”

Damcon sun protection

Sunny option on the Damcon tree planting machine PL-10. You can't imagine it when it rains so much. But you may still be bothered by the sun elsewhere in Europe at the moment. And with such a handy parasol, the planting work remains pleasant!!

Our machines

Here is an overview of our best selling or used machines. For a complete overview see machines.

Selector 451 tree lifting machine

Tree lifting machine Selector-451

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PL-10, 2 row plant machine with GPS marker

Tree planting machine PL-10

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Multitrike HWD-395 high clearance tractor

High clearance tractors

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HSP-300-D pruning platform

Pruning platform HSP-300 D

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