Lifting trees without vibrating and with minimal maintenance costs


A self-propelled tree spades KLR-500 ZR is ready for delivery. Recently we visited tree nursery Akkermans in Maashees. They have been using these machines for many years. When asked how that works, Willem answers: ‘Oh, we do not have two for nothing, that says enough! And you do not want to stand near such a…

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Change of management at Damcon


After almost 21 years, of which 11 years as director, Gerrit Massink will stand down from his position. A growing difference of insight with the shareholders about the course to follow was the reason for this decision. Leen Scheurwater has been appointed as the successor by the shareholders. He has been active as sales manager…

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3 meter tree spades delivered


Our showpiece, the tree spades with a diameter of 3 meters, was delivered in Sweden. On the 30 ton Ljungbi it does not seem that big anymore. However, a hole of round 3 meters and 1.4 meters deep remains. For any transplant work you can contact Helgessons Click here for more information about the Damcon…

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Closure around the turn of the year


We are closed around the turn of the year from 22 December 2018 to 1 January 2019. For emergencies you can call our emergency service +31 6 20420822. We wish everyone a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Digging up rootballs up to 50 cm with minimal maintenance costs


The Damcon tree spades KLR-500 has been on the market for a long time. However, the design of this digging part is completely new. The machine is 60 cm wide, fully opened 67 cm, so that trees standing at a distance of 40-50 cm can be digged up with this. The spades can be changed…

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Special moment


Our employee Arend hands over the keys of a new Selector-450 to Jannos from “Loonbedrijf J. Bunt”. For this young entrepreneur it is the first Selector from Damcon. For Arend the last new Selector that he transfers to a customer. Arend hopes to retire at the end of December. He has been working at Damcon…

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Special offer


Damcon tree planter PL-40V with bamboo cane driver € 9.500. Complete execution. The machine is from 2010, but has never been used. As new with 6 months warranty. Click here for more information or contact us through +31 (0)488 442828 or

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New Damcon KLR for Van Genugten


The Damcon KLR lifting machines do not wear out. It is striking that the Dutch tree nursery is investing again in these machines. This first delivered combination is gorgeous. A Damcon KLR-700 on a Weideman 1380. Click here for more information or contact us through +31 (0)488 442828 or

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Great interest in demo hoeing machines


In the framework of the project “Together the shovel into the ground” a subsidy was granted for the purchase of 12 hoeing machines and/or LVS equipment. The first series of machines have been delivered in past weeks. With a view to a possible second subsidy round, there was a demonstration of hoeing equipment and Low…

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New colleagues


We have found 2 experienced technicians who joined our team in June. These are Sebastian van Beek and Herbert Lagemaat, who have found their place in the repair shop and in the drawing office respectively.

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Damcon starts selling root trimmers for trees


From June 2018, Damcon will start selling root trimmers of Baars Techniek. “It fits perfectly with the package of machines that we sell to the tree growers. Apart from North America and British Columbia, we have worldwide sales rights. On Friday, June 22 there is a demonstration day of both machines at Damcon from 9:00…

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Delivered: Multitrike for the blueberries


A Multitrike with a track width of 6 meters, which can drive 3 fruit cultivation mowers. That was the question of this blueberry grower. On caterpillars tracks, due to the sometimes very bad soil conditions. This week put into operation in Romania. Interested in this wide-span Multitrike? Please contact us through +31 488 442828 or…

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