Henk… thank you for 21 years of loyal service at Damcon!


Our Henk van de Sluis is going into well-deserved retirement. Damcon’s blood also flows through Henk’s veins. Henk’s characteristic statement was often: “Very good!” Thanks for the excellent cooperation. Not goodbye, but see you soon? Click here for video.

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KLR-3000 2M tree transplanter mounted to a loader

Big, bigger, biggest! The Damcon KLR-3000 2M


Promise is debt. In March we promised a video of the transplanter KLR-3000 2M. Here it is… watch and enjoy! Click here for more information or contact us through +31 (0)488 442828 or

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Mecalac and Damcon, a perfect and beautiful combination


This combination makes us very enthusiastic at Damcon. Last week Eurotree put this Mecalac 7MWR and Damcon tree spades KLR-300M ST into use. A beautiful piece of technique. Really cool. Have fun digging, Wilbert!! Click here for more information or contact us through +31 (0)488 442828 or

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New link between engineering and production


With his years of experience in technique, Pieter Frentz is no stranger to many. We are pleased that Pieter has joined us to fill the vacancy of production planner. Just getting used to our ERP system and then step on it Pieter, good luck!

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Handy mechanic finds its destination


Maarten de Kleine has been active as a mechanic in the repair shop for some time. After his Mechatronics level 4 training, the internship became a permanent contract.

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Laying irrigation hose with the PL-40 plantmachine

Help! We are going to have a dry summer, …. or not?


Well, with the weather we never know in advance, even the weathermen can be wrong sometimes. What we do know is that the climate is changing. Periods of wetness and dryness alternate more quickly. It is therefore a good idea to take dry periods into account when planting and to install irrigation beforehand. It is…

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KLR-3000 2M tree transplanter mounted to a loader

Big, bigger, biggest! The Damcon KLR-3000 2M


What a fascinating sight it was, when the Damcon transplanter KLR-3000 2M was put into operation at customer Geurs in Hengevelde (NL). A big tree with a large root ball of 3 meters, total weight together with the machine 15 tons on a big wheel loader of 32 tons. And as if he was scooping…

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BLH-1000 heavy galvanized rootball loading hook

Is loading heavy rootballs dangerous? Not with the Damcon BLH-1000!


We recently added this heavy galvanized loading hook of 1000 kg to our range. This allows you to load rootballs in a safe way. The hook is designed according to the strict standards and requirements that apply in lifting technology. We supply the hook with all the necessary documents required for a lifting device. Get…

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Damcon guest lessons van Lodesteijn College

Damcon sellers back to school


A secondary school (VLC) asked if we would give a guest lesson. “Of course I do,” said Anne Koster, “nothing nicer than that! Telling young people about our wonderful company and the machines.” And you can see in the photo that it was a nice lesson! Good luck guys from the VLC! Who knows, in…

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Damcon KLR-500 self driving tree spade and Selector 450 tree harvester

The happy Damcon twins


Selling Damcon machines… perhaps the most beautiful profession in the world! The left machine is a low-maintenance tree spades for rootballs up to 50 cm. The right machine is a tree lifert for bare root trees up to size 16-18. If one customer orders 2 of these beautiful machines, we are happy with it! And…

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Multitrike HWD-360 high clearance tractor

Unique Damcon scoop for Ontario


The Damcon Multitrike high clearance tractor will soon be delivered for the hilly area in Ontario. This unique machine with a free headroom of no less than 3.00 meters is equipped with automatic slope compensation. This makes it possible to drive horizontally across a slope. This Multitrike is also equipped with a spray unit, tree…

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Damcon surprised by dealer from USA with airial footage of a Multitrike high clearance tractor

Damcon surprised by dealer from USA


“Here we go Leen, we took this video at Waverly Farm last week.” It’s great that customers themselves are becoming more and more enthusiastic about our Damcon machines! The goal of our sales; every global customer an ambassador of Damcon. Thanks George for this nice video! Click here for more information or contact us through…

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