Is that possible.. fall in love with a machine?


We don’t know that at Damcon, but… Sometimes you have to let go of your Dutch common sense and enjoy the moment. Exactly, we had that with this wonderful combination. A Damcon KLR-700 ST on a Giant Tendo GT5048 for a customer from New Zealand. The next 15 years is the only maintenance; lubricate, lubricate,…

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Nobody already thinks about weeds, but still …


Busy with digging, delivery and planting trees. Don’t forget the weeds! In a little while, it will start to grow again. The effect of the finger weeder against weeds has now been proven, even on the clay in the Betuwe. Damcon makes these finger weeder on any tractor or equipment. The advantages of front mounting…

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Damcon and Carraro a top team


Recently delivered to a Swedish customer: this new Carraro TTR 4400 II with front linkage and joystick operation. Read his response: “1992 my father bought the company’s first Carraro. A Bitrac 3800 quite similar to the TTR 4400. After several thousand hours it’s still in use. Finding new parts for maintenance has never been a…

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Damcon has 2 more professionals!


Yes, succeeded! Sometimes it is not easy to recruit good people. If it succeeds, it gives a “boost” of energy. Eric Gerritsen recently started working as an engineer and it seems like he has been with us for 10 years. Tom van Egmond recently started as a machine builder; the connection with his previous job…

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Damcon men get a kick out of technique


“That’s cool man, building up a machine like that, a beautiful piece of technique” says Gijs from the workshop. Recently this beautiful combination was delivered to Arbortec from Swalmen. A Dragone hydraulically driven shredder on a Vermeer skid-steer. Working widths from 0.60 mtr to 1.50 mtr. Choice of heavy duty flails or mowing flails. Congratulations…

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The youngest contractor in the Netherlands and surroundings. Wesley van Kleef, 3 years old


You do not become a contractor. You are, you are born that way. If you, as a 4th generation of 3 years old, ride a machine like that, then you are a topper! And what could be better than picking up a new Pazzaglia with your dad at Damcon. Enjoy this beautiful video and the…

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Fendt green more beautiful than Damcon yellow? That remains the question.


The color green means nature, life, innovation and the color yellow means optimism, energy, cheerfulness. Various mentioned elements of both colors are in the new tree planter of Johan Smits of Boomkwekerij Smits from Molenschot. All of Johan’s wishes have been incorporated into this Damcon PL-40 K1, including longer trench, enlarged platform, more comfort for…

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Planting trees on GPS with a Damcon tree planter


Growing trees is (after constructing machines) the most beautiful profession there is. Lifting or planting trees, it remains fascinating. Helping to make the world greener and healthier. Together with Damcon, for example with the Damcon PL-40 tree planter. Enjoy the new video of this machine in the Betuwe clay. Click here for more information or…

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Once a Damcon, always a Damcon!


Tree nursery Roelofse-Jager is happy with the purchase of the 4th new Selector-450. At the request of the customer, various adjustments have also been made to the operation of this new tree lifter to make work even faster and easier. In 2019, they achieved 1,750 bare root plants per day with the previous machine. With…

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A lot of interest in Damcon hoeing machine at meeting at M. van den Oever Nurseries


“No, chemical weed control has no future.” “Your machine hoes well, but you have to learn how to work with the finger weeder.” Just some reactions to the meeting at M. van den Oever Nurseries amidst the Brabant growers. Was very helpful and educational, thank you for letting us be your guest! Click here for…

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Rick, the best and fastest hairdresser in the Netherlands


Incredible this. If it weren’t on video, you wouldn’t believe it. Cut taxus plants from 180 cm high. All the same size, all equally tight and neat. Respect!! Click here for more information or contact us through +31 (0)488 442828 or

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Weeds a problem? Not with the Damcon SF-75!


See the attached video for the amazing operation of the hoeing machine SF-75. For a good result between and on the rows. Click here for more information or contact us through +31 (0)488 442828 or

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