HSP-300 E electric pruning platform

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The Damcon HSP-300 E is an electric pruning platform with a working height of max. 5 meters.
Powered by two electric motors. The lower standing height of the HSP-300 electric pruning platform is 110 cm. This pruning platform is 3 meters long and 1.13 meters wide, which makes it possible to drive through narrow rows.
Due to good quality batteries, a week of work is possible with 1 battery charge. In combination with solar panels, it is possible to work even longer.

  • 2 electric motors 24 V, 2.0 kW
  • Traction batteries 48 V 320 Ah
  • Fronius battery charger 48V 35A
  • Dimensions work platform 3 meters long by 0.80 meters wide
  • Lifting capacity up to 2 people, 200 kg
  • Lower standing height 1.10 meters
  • Lower standing height 1.10 meters
  • Hydraulically adjustable lifting height 1.90 meters
  • Working height up to 5 meters
  • Speed infinitely adjustable 0-5.3 km/h
  • 4-wheel drive
  • 4-wheel steer
  • Width 1.13 meters