HSP-451 D diesel pruning platform

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The Damcon HSP-451 D is a diesel pruning platform with a working height of max. 6.5 metres.
Powered by a Kubota Stage V diesel engine. The lower standing height of the HSP-451 diesel pruning platform is 130 cm. This trimming platform is 4 meters long and 1.52 meters wide. The maximum working height makes the HSP-451 D extremely suitable for maintaining high avenue trees at the nursery.

This pruning platform is equipped with automatic tilt correction.

  • Kubota engine Stage V
  • Dimensions work platform 4 meters long by 1 meter wide
  • Hydraulically adjustable lifting height of 3.20 meters with one scissor
  • Height 1.30 meters below to 4.50 meters above, working height is 6.50 meters
  • Machine width 1.52 meters (outside of tires)
  • 4-wheel drive, hydrostatic, with 2 travel speeds 0 – 2.5 km/h (working speed) and 0 – 6 km/h (transport driving speed)
  • 4-wheel steer, choice of front axle only or both axles in dog walk or circle
  • Knuckle steered axles with lock on the front axle
  • 1 hydromotor fitted with an automatic brake that engages when stopped (parking brake)
  • Automatic leveling left and right (X-axis)
  • Tow eye front and rear
  • CE and TÜV type approval