Udenhout and Damcon: A man a man, a word a word

An old saying, but still true! We have to admit it, sometimes our salesman Anne is a bit too enthusiastic. But in this case, well, then it's understandable. "Martin, with the next 2 machines you get a cake." If you then deliver the 4th electric pruning platform within 1 year, you must also keep that promise!

Hitachi and Damcon… a beautiful couple

A great picture of this Damcon KLR-2000 2M attached to the Hitachi wheel loader of 18 tons. The total weight is 25 tons when there is a tree in it. And yes, if you as a team have built this machine with passion, then you should be proud. Because building Damcon machines remains a wonderful job!

Urgent tree transplanting job at railways in Sweden

“Hej Leen, can you help us with the following problem? We have a urgent job for the Swedish railways, we need to transplant a large number of trees quickly. These have to pass under the electricity wires, but with a tree transplanter and tree we are too high. We need an extra frame so that the tree can lie more horizontally.”

Lingeborgh students visit Damcon

Lingeborghcollege students vist Damcon
In collaboration with TCO, we gave a tour to 3 groups of students from Lingeborgh College in Geldermalsen. Really fun to do, to get young people excited about the profession of tree cultivation. Growing trees with the help of Damcon machines, the most beautiful profession in the world!!


Nostagia news
Sometimes new customers ask: How did it all start at Damcon? Well, that is a very long story that is almost 55 years old. A unique and original story indeed. And with this photo, our story is a little easier to tell.