Green is life at Damcon

Well, we remain in love with our Damcon colors yellow and red (which have been around for almost 55 years). But, every now and then another color comes along that is also beautiful.

De Bie and Damcon: a cool combination

Sometimes we get a bit shy at Damcon when a customer is more enthusiastic than we are. The reaction of Henk de Bie and his men when delivering these 2 electric pruning platforms with solar panels was great: “Really cool!

Udenhout and Damcon: A man a man, a word a word

An old saying, but still true! We have to admit it, sometimes our salesman Anne is a bit too enthusiastic. But in this case, well, then it's understandable. "Martin, with the next 2 machines you get a cake." If you then deliver the 4th electric pruning platform within 1 year, you must also keep that promise!
Can a Damcon pruning platform fly?

Can a Damcon pruning platform fly?

Well, sometimes it can! If there’s no (un)loading dock nearby, we’ll do it this way. Arturo, felicidades con esta hermosa máquina (Arturo, congratulations on this beautiful machine).

An other happy Damcon HSP-300 Electro customer

Damcon makes pruning pleasant!

We congratulate Mark and Manon van Genugten with their purchase of the Damcon HSP-300 Electro. Mark says: “The working comfort for our people is very important to us, which is why we chose this electro. The machine is quiet, powerful…