Yuverta students visiting Damcon

Telling about our company and the machines we build... we continue to enjoy it! It was an interesting tour this morning and the group participated well.

Sinterklaas has also discovered Damcon!

Yes yes… that Sinterklaasand his servant are becoming more and more modern!! At first he came on horseback, but Sinterklaas is also moving with the times. And then a Damcon pruning platform is excellent progress! A wise choice!!

Experience is the best teacher

And that is why we are happy with the arrival of Miguel in our construction workshop as a welder. The transition went very smoothly, nice to see if you have such adaptability!

Urgent tree transplanting job at railways in Sweden

“Hej Leen, can you help us with the following problem? We have a urgent job for the Swedish railways, we need to transplant a large number of trees quickly. These have to pass under the electricity wires, but with a tree transplanter and tree we are too high. We need an extra frame so that the tree can lie more horizontally.”
Lingeborghcollege students vist Damcon

Lingeborgh students visit Damcon

In collaboration with TCO, we gave a tour to 3 groups of students from Lingeborgh College in Geldermalsen. Really fun to do, to get young people excited about the profession of tree cultivation. Growing trees with the help of Damcon machines, the most beautiful profession in the world!!