Damcon sellers back to school

Damcon guest lesson vlc

A secondary school (VLC) asked if we would give a guest lesson. “Of course I do,” said Anne Koster, “nothing nicer than that! Telling young people about our wonderful company and the machines.” And you can see in the photo…

The happy Damcon twins

The happy damcon twins

Selling Damcon machines… perhaps the most beautiful profession in the world! The left machine is a low-maintenance tree spades for rootballs up to 50 cm. The right machine is a tree lifert for bare root trees up to size 16-18.…

Unique Damcon scoop for Ontario

Multitrike HWD-360 high clearance tractor

The Damcon Multitrike high clearance tractor will soon be delivered for the hilly area in Ontario. This unique machine with a free headroom of no less than 3.00 meters is equipped with automatic slope compensation. This makes it possible to…

Damcon surprised by dealer from USA

Multitrike high clearance tractor in the USA

“Here we go Leen, we took this video at Waverly Farm last week.” It’s great that customers themselves are becoming more and more enthusiastic about our Damcon machines! The goal of our sales; every global customer an ambassador of Damcon.…

Clashing interests at Damcon and Mabo?

HSP-300 D news

Absolutely not! This is where 2 passions come together! The passion of Mabo to grow beautiful trees with the help of good machines and the passion of Damcon to build beautiful machines. This pruning platform is also a beauty. This…

Damcon and Carraro a top team

Recently delivered to a Swedish customer: this new Carraro TTR 4400 II with front linkage and joystick operation. Read his response: “1992 my father bought the company’s first Carraro. A Bitrac 3800 quite similar to the TTR 4400. After several…

Damcon men get a kick out of technique

The Damcon men get a kick out of technique

“That’s cool man, building up a machine like that, a beautiful piece of technique” says Gijs from the workshop. Recently this beautiful combination was delivered to Arbortec from Swalmen. A Dragone hydraulically driven shredder on a Vermeer skid-steer. Working widths…

Damcon & Norcar together strong!

Norcar A7236 articulated loader

Since 20 June we are regional dealer of the Finnish brand Norcar compact loaders. The combination of high-quality components, robustness and solidity makes the Norcar a compact and powerful loader. Because of its compactness, the Norcar is ideally suited for…

Can a Damcon pruning platform fly?

Can a Damcon pruning platform fly?

Well, sometimes it can! If there’s no (un)loading dock nearby, we’ll do it this way. Arturo, felicidades con esta hermosa máquina (Arturo, congratulations on this beautiful machine).