High clearance tractors

Multitrike HWD-360 high clearance tractor

Unique Damcon scoop for Ontario

The Damcon Multitrike high clearance tractor will soon be delivered for the hilly area in Ontario. This unique machine with a free headroom of no less than 3.00 meters is equipped with automatic slope compensation. This makes it possible to…

Multitrike high clearance tractor in the USA

Damcon surprised by dealer from USA

“Here we go Leen, we took this video at Waverly Farm last week.” It’s great that customers themselves are becoming more and more enthusiastic about our Damcon machines! The goal of our sales; every global customer an ambassador of Damcon.…

Damcon KGS tree pruner

Rick, the best and fastest hairdresser in the Netherlands

Incredible this. If it weren’t on video, you wouldn’t believe it. Cut taxus plants from 180 cm high. All the same size, all equally tight and neat. Respect!! Click here for more information or contact us through +31 (0)488 442828…