Tree spade KLR-300 series

The KLR-300 ST is Damcon’s smallest tree spade and suitable for attachment to a mini excavator.

This tree spade is available with and without undercutting blade, has interchangeable spades of 20 – 40 cm and is suitable for lifting trees, plants and shrubs such as boxwood, yew, conifers and small Christmas trees.
Damcon has the KLR-301M ST type for lifting large Nordmann Christmas trees (2-2.5 metres), heavy soil, stony soil or thick roots.

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 KLR-300M ST in action (1)
 KLR-300M ST in action (2)
 KLR-300 ST in action (3)
 KLR-300M ST in action
 KLR-301M ST in action