How sustainable are a Damcon KLR-800 AB tree spade and a Fendt tractor?

The question is coming up more and more often: How durable is a Damcon machine, how long will this machine last (with little maintenance)? And how is that compared to a Fendt tractor? The answer recently came from a customer from Sweden. Will you count?
Customer bought a new Fendt 270V in 2001 and a used KLR-800, built in 1991 = 10 years old.
Customer purchased a new Damcon KLR-800 in 2022 for attachment to his 21-year-old Fendt. The trade-in KLR-800 is now 32 years old and – after revision – will go to the next customer!
It seems that both brands are doing well in terms of sustainability!

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