Tree planting machines PL-50 to PL-90

The larger tree plantint machines PL-50 to PL-90 from the Damcon program are equipped with a heavy and high-quality digger element. These machines are suitable for planting avenue trees, fruit trees, shrubs and larger conifers.

From the PL-50 it is possible to install a tipping mechanism for planting rootballs.
The types PL-75 and PL-90 can be equipped with a lifting mast for planting rootballs up to Ø 90 cm.

Possible groove widths for these machines vary between 50 and 90 cm. The groove depths vary between 40 and 50 cm.

Type Tractor Capacity p/day Max. tree girth Root ball diameter Groove width Planting depth
PL-50 68 hp 3.000-4.000 18-20 cm 50 cm ø 50 cm 40 cm
PL-75 120 hp 500-1.500 20-25 cm 60 cm ø 75 cm 40 cm
PL-82 165 hp 500-1.500 25-30 cm 90 cm ø 82 cm 50 cm
PL-90 165 hp 500-1.500 25-30 cm 90 cm ø 90 cm 50 cm

These tree planting machine s can also be equipped with a GPS plant distance marker.

Look here for a video.