Tree lifting machine Selector series

Self-propelled Damcon Selector for selective lifting of bare root trees.

There are two types of Selector: the Selector-451 and the Selector-471.
Both types have a travel drive with 4 independent wheel motors. The Selector-451 has a Kubota Stage V/Tier 4 diesel engine of 43 HP.
The Selector-451 is available with U-blades from 30 to 70 cm or with flat or bended blades on arm. The Selector-451 is intended for lifting trees with a maximum trunk size of 16-18 cm to 18-20 cm.

The Selector-471 is available with U-blades from 50 to 70 cm or 80 to 100 cm. The Selector-471 is intended for lfiting with a maximum trunk size of 20-25 cm to 25-30 cm.
A capacity of 80 to 120 trees per hour applies to both types.
Both the Selector-451 and the Selector-471 are standard equipped with a Damcon hydro clamp shaker.
The Selector-471 is standard equipped with a undershaker.