Portal tractor for Fruit trees

This Portal tractor for fruit trees is suitable for all work in fruit tree cultivation.
The basic machine has a middle section of 65 cm wide.
The height and track width is fixed or adjustable, optionally.
Capacity (example): 1 ha per hour – 8/10 ha per day.
The machine can be equipped with many options, from traffic lights to cab with air conditioning.
Attachments: sprayer for weed control a/o crop protection, LVS system, cultivators/ hoeing machines, undercutters, sidelifer, fertilizer spreaders, rotavators, pruning machine, tree spades, lifting mast, root cutter and (un)filling the plant furrow machine.
 Video 1 hoeing with torsion weeder row distance 80 cm
 Video 2 hoeing with torsion weeder row distance 80 cm
 Video 3 hoeing with finger weeders row distance 90 cm