Norcar A7750 articulated loader

Norcar miniloader A7750 is bringing new technology and performance to articulated loaders. The Norcar articulated loader A7750 is using a 50 hp Stage V diesel engine that increases the performance in pulling force, speed and hydraulic power. The new low center of mass frame gives stability to work with full lifting power without adding extra counterweights.

Norcar articulated loader A7750 also comes with an upgraded driver environment thanks to the new rollover canopy. A safe workplace with easy access, good visibility and excellent ergonomics.
Norcar articulated loader A7750 continues with the Norcar Heavy Duty build and design. It has a centered lifting boom, welded frame and metal engine hood and covers. The Norcar articulated loader A7750 is a new Norcar that is once again loaded with power.

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