Norcar A7240 miniloader

The new Norcar miniloader A7240 is replacing our Norcar miniloader A7236. It will come with an upgraded engine fulfilling the requirements of Stage V. It will be strong, quiet, and more environmentally friendly. The new engine also makes vibration lower. The pulling force has been improved to an impressive number of 1550 kg. Due to the redesign of the hydraulic system, the boom function is faster at lower rpms, which gives a smother and more silent work mode with lower fuel consumption.

The Norcar miniloader A7240 has dual working hydraulic pumps and can be used together with all the same attachments as the Norcar miniloader A7236. Norcar miniloader A7240 is based on the same platform as the precursor, the Norcar miniloader A7236, and will be compatible with all optional extras found on the Norcar miniloader A7236. This means that all the same optional extras, such as comfort cabin, AC, and so on, will be available for the new machine.

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