Damcon high clearance tractors

Damcon Multitrike

Damcon high clearance tractors

The Multitrike high clearance tractor of Damcon is a toolcarrier in high crops planted in rows. Heights up to 3 meter and row distances of 90 cm up to 150 cm or more are possible.

The Multitrike high clearance tractor is multifunctional. The high clearance tractors can be provided with various mounting attachments, for crop treatment as well as for tillage of soil. So all the different jobs can be done with one tractor. Thanks to the 3-wheel concept more than one row can be processed in one time.

The high clearance tractor found its way to growers of fruit trees, Christmas trees, shrubs, whips and conifers. Also strawberry growers and seed producers use the Multitrike.

The Multitrike is a cost saving tractor for spraying, weed control, pruning, fertilizing, tillage of soil and other jobs to be done.

Compared to normal nursing of plants; manual or 1 row, the Multitrike can do 3 or 4 rows in one turn.

Due to the modern spraying techniques like Dosatron and LVS, reduction on chemicals can be 50%

The high clearance tractor is designed by Damcon and has proven to be very reliable and maintenance friendly. Users from all over the world can confirm this. The machine can be serviced local by use of components of worldwide brands.

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