Damcon tree transplanter

The Damcon transplanter KLR-2M is the perfect solution for saving trees by means of a excavator or a wheel loader. The two semi-spherical spades ensure a good root ball and ensure the most important roots are retained. The ideal shape of this rootball ensures maximum roots by minimal weight. This beneficial weight enables the use with universal vehicles as a wheel loader and/or excavator. So no need for a special truck with a fixed machine, but vehicles that can be used for other purposes when not transplanting. The connection by a quick release system allows change in a short time.

This range of transplanters is suited to avenue tree nurseries and large projects (such as road extensions and building sites). However, they can also be utilised for a variety of other tasks. The tree spade is available in sizes from 1.5 (59”) up to 2.5 mtr (98”) rootball diameter.
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The transplanter is solidly constructed of strong material. This results in low wear and tear and maintenance. The low construction of the machine is a benefit for trees with low branches.

Damcon is a producer of tree spades for more than 40 years. Most delivered to nurseries and designed for intensive use. The Damcon tree spades have been delivered all over the world. The model KLR-2M has been produced for 20 years and delivered to the Netherlands, Europe and Africa.

Please download our brochure to read more about the Damcon transplanter and what our customers tell about their Damcon transplanter.

Additional information about our KLR product range is available at damcontreespades.com.

Videos to watch:
KLR-1800 2M (video 3): making a hole;
KLR-1800 2M (video 1): lifting tree;
KLR-1800 2M (video 2): planting tree;
KLR-2500 2M in action.