Lifting trees without vibrating and with minimal maintenance costs

Submitted on: 20-02-2019

A self-propelled tree spades KLR-500 ZR is ready for delivery. Recently we visited tree nursery Akkermans in Maashees. They have been using these machines for many years. When asked how that works, Willem answers: ‘Oh, we do not have two for nothing, that says enough! And you do not want to stand near such a vibrating machine. With our machine you only have to accelerate gently to still be able to lift well. If there is still a stick at the tree and it is cut by a vibrating blade, as with other tree lifting machines, the rootball will break faster. We do not have that problem. We sometimes have 4 cars behind them and that is of course not the case with such a crawler tree spades. And the rootball shape: For various species, the rootball shape of our machine is better for the root system. And here on the sand, the root ball remains better in shape, especially when it was so dry recently. And finally: what about the maintenance costs: Oh a mechanic from Damcon visits us once a year and he checks them. That is it, according to me’.
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