Tree planting machines

PL-40 VS olive tree planting machine

Innovation in olive tree planting

We ourselves are sometimes amazed at what can be planted with the Damcon planting machine; avenue trees, fruit trees, Christmas trees, now also olive trees. 5000 per day, due to hard lower layer in the soil without spit element. Watch and enjoy this video. Click here for more information or contact us through +31 (0)488…

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PL-10 planting machine

GPS marking on small planting machine PL-10

The small planting machine PL-10 can now also be equipped with a GPS marker for the planting distance in the row. By means of the GPS signal, a print is made on the bottom of the planting trench, where the plant can be placed. Enjoy the video. Click here for more information or contact us…

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Planting trees on GPS with a Damcon tree planter

Growing trees is (after constructing machines) the most beautiful profession there is. Lifting or planting trees, it remains fascinating. Helping to make the world greener and healthier. Together with Damcon, for example with the Damcon PL-40 tree planter. Enjoy the new video of this machine in the Betuwe clay. Click here for more information or…

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Fendt green more beautiful than Damcon yellow? That remains the question.

The color green means nature, life, innovation and the color yellow means optimism, energy, cheerfulness. Various mentioned elements of both colors are in the new tree planter of Johan Smits of Boomkwekerij Smits from Molenschot. All of Johan’s wishes have been incorporated into this Damcon PL-40 K1, including longer trench, enlarged platform, more comfort for…

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