Soil tillage

Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation in avenue trees in outdoor cultivation

To have an answer to the dry periods, drip irrigation between the rows is a good alternative. See the video at Letteland Nursery for the machine construction. This solution is also possible with planting machines. See here the video. For more information contact us through +31 (0)488 442828 or Photo and video taken from…

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SF-75 hoeing machine mounted to a Multitrike high clearance tractor

Weeds a problem? Not with the Damcon SF-75!

See the attached video for the amazing operation of the hoeing machine SF-75. For a good result between and on the rows. Click here for more information or contact us through +31 (0)488 442828 or

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A lot of interest in Damcon hoeing machine at meeting at M. van den Oever Nurseries

“No, chemical weed control has no future.” “Your machine hoes well, but you have to learn how to work with the finger weeder.” Just some reactions to the meeting at M. van den Oever Nurseries amidst the Brabant growers. Was very helpful and educational, thank you for letting us be your guest! Click here for…

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Dragone TSV-110 hydraulically driven shredder

Damcon men get a kick out of technique

“That’s cool man, building up a machine like that, a beautiful piece of technique” says Gijs from the workshop. Recently this beautiful combination was delivered to Arbortec from Swalmen. A Dragone hydraulically driven shredder on a Vermeer skid-steer. Working widths from 0.60 mtr to 1.50 mtr. Choice of heavy duty flails or mowing flails. Congratulations…

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Nobody already thinks about weeds, but still …

Busy with digging, delivery and planting trees. Don’t forget the weeds! In a little while, it will start to grow again. The effect of the finger weeder against weeds has now been proven, even on the clay in the Betuwe. Damcon makes these finger weeder on any tractor or equipment. The advantages of front mounting…

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HSP-300 D diesel pruning platform

Clashing interests at Damcon and Mabo?

Absolutely not! This is where 2 passions come together! The passion of Mabo to grow beautiful trees with the help of good machines and the passion of Damcon to build beautiful machines. This pruning platform is also a beauty. This time it is a very special one with the following options: adjustable platform, automatic control,…

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