Pazzaglia tree diggers

Pazzaglia quick release pleases Menkehorst

Robin Wijma (Harry Menkehorst kwekerijen) about the QRB quick release: We have at 2 Pazzaglia’s and 9 different sizes of blades the QRB quick release, which pleases us. It saves per change up to 5 minutes, even physical the changing is much less heavy work than first. Because we have a wide range to be…

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Pazzaglia FZ-110 on new tracks

The maintenance costs of tracked machines are generally high. Especially in the extreme conditions in the Betuwe. To increase the durability of the chassis and reduce maintenance costs and unused time, the Pazzaglia FZ-110 can now be performed with a high-quality track system. The track system an extra roller above and below, grease-tensioner on the…

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Maintenance Pazzaglia from distance

Timely and competent maintenance is very important for the digging part of the Pazzaglia tree digger. Not timely maintenance leads to great (unexpected) costs. Our workshop has the skill and parts available to efficiently and properly do this maintenance. Are you far from Opheusden, it is a good possibility to dismount the digging unit and…

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